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As the demand for higher education continues to increase, the Universidade Lusófona has been facing increasingly varied and diversified audiences, feeling the need to broaden the scope of its activities. Consequently, it is shifting its focus from exclusively concentrating on the production and accumulation of knowledge to a more active involvement in the distribution and circulation of knowledge.

This led to the creation of Lusófona X – Digital Academy, an online learning platform of Universidade Lusófona aimed at diversifying the university’s educational offerings. In pursuit of these objectives, Lusofona X develops training programs in various fields of knowledge relevant to society. It actively seeks to establish itself as a valuable and essential partner for all those who, like itself, believe that higher education and knowledge are the main drivers of our society’s development and progress.

These courses are available to the entire academic community seeking to expand their knowledge beyond the campus. A certificate is provided upon successful completion of each course.